mph club’s dedicated team of professionals are here to make your automotive experience an unforgettable one. Our philosophy is simple…
“Teamwork divides the task and multiplies the success.”
– Team mph club®

Lamborghini Gallardo Miami | Alex“What an incredible experience I had with mph club. Being able to enjoy a Lamborghini like this for a few days is definitely habit forming. Being a part of mph club is like being a part of an exclusive company. They were very detailed and friendly from start to finish. Absolutely Superb. I will be renting again from mph club, real soon. Thank you.”


Alex Goldstein

bentley-tml“The bentley was a smooth luxury ride from start to finish, it was able to take me and my girls out for a night on the town in class and style. mph club™ was also able to go the extra step and helped me find find a few Miami hot spots I would have never found on my own. Renting this vehicle was a blast and I’ll be contacting mph club™ again real soon.”


Audi-R8-Testimonial-Miami“Driving the Audi R8 Spyder, there was never a dull moment. The team at mph club™ was extremely courteous and happy to answer all of my questions. The experience was amazing and driving around downtown Miami in a well kept Audi R8 was unparalleled. I would, without a doubt, call up mph club™ again for another exotic driving experience.”

John H.

carlos“Never thought i would be able to drive in a Audi R8 just by going on instagram! But my dream came true and thanks to mph club™ I won their contest and next thing I know, I’m driving in a Audi! Such an amazing experience and i can’t wait to enter the next contest!”


Audi-R8-Testimonial-Miami-21“My father surprised me for my birthday, and I could not believe the surprise was an Audi R8! The car was in mint condition, It handled well and when I asked where he got it from he told me mph club®. This was the most amazing drive of my life and I drove it all over Miami, just taking in the sunny weather with the top down on the Audi. Thank you Dad and thank you mph club®!”

Alexander Monti