Shoreclub South Beach

Our club just got bigger


Lamborghini Urus at Shore Club South Beach

Rent a car at the Shoreclub South Beach

Dive into the excitement of mph club’s newest location, the Shoreclub South Beach. The iconic art-deco-ish style hotel in South Beach, FL plays host to mph club’s newest location. Once again our exotic car rental company expands their reach to make acquiring an exotic rental car easier for travelers and vacationers from all over the world.

Our previous locations throughout Miami and Miami Beach have brought vast success and notoriety to the exotic car industry in South Florida allowing visitors to enjoy the scenic vistas like celebrities, and now they can rest in the comforts of 4-star luxury.


Ferrari 488GTB & Lamborghini Urus

Shoreclub South Beach

The beachside resort hotel is a page taken out of Miami’s rich art history. The chic garden style features of the hotel combined with the iconic Miami Beach style decor gives relaxation a new meaning.

With a dynamic feel and luxurious accommodation space, a peaceful day at the resort’s spa will give visitors a renewal experience to rival Ponce de Leon’s Fountain of Youth.

Located on Collins Ave in South Beach just a few steps from the Atlantic Ocean, guest, travelers, tourists, and Florida residents with a taste for fun now have full access to a vast menu of luxurious vehicles to rent. Spend the day cruising Ocean drive in a Ferrari 488 and experience South Beach like a celebrity, then stop at the Shoreclub’s unique Mexican style restaurant for dinner.

The hotel’s atmosphere truly embodies the charisma of Miami’s chic vintage comfort with a touch of modern design.

Please visit to start your reservation or call and speak to our friendly staff (888) 674-4044

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